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Robert N(eeds to relax) Pruden OT


Dave, my buddy who you met when you were here, and I are doing a 3 day cross country ski/winter camping trip first week in March. We're going to Spruce Woods Park about 2 hours west of Winnipeg. It's a great trip. About a 5 or 6 hour ski into a wilderness cabin that is just a great place to spend some quiet time. We plan to hit the trail at sun-up (or just before) on March 3rd, skiing at a casual pace and taking time to stop enroute for coffee breaks and a bite to eat (there are 3 warm up cabins along the way) we should be at the cabin just after lunch. We'll drop the gear and spent the eve in photography mode. Next day is all relaxing short ski's with lots of photography and a few great meals, maybe a Guinness or two around the woodstove in the eve (man, I'm pulling out all the stops). Pack the gear in the eve, get up in the morning and enjoy coffee and a great breakfast, then head back to the trailhead. Stopping along the way for coffee, soup, and lunch. Heck, we're 2 hours closer to ya than Winnipeg. A 12 hour drive for a great trip! Surely you can find time to do it. You owe it to yourself after the frantic pace you have been working at. Total decompression is the goal and you could use some time to just take a deep breath, enjoy the clear wilderness air, and snap some beautiful photo's.

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Robert N(eeds to relax) Pruden OT
Mr Sutherland. I must agree with you...