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First Race in the Great Auk *PIC*

I have made some posts on the Building forum that I have completed a Great Auk to compete in the Blackburn Challenge. This race uses The Sound Rowers Rating system for placing the boats in the various classes.

However, most races in the area do not employ the Sound Rowers ratings and place boats into classes based on local race committee rules. In its first race, the Great Auk finished second to no less than the venerable Ted Van Dusen in one of his "Mohican" surfskis. The Mohican is 3 feet longer, 6" less in waterline beam yet weighs only 6 pounds less (27# vrs 33#) in an all carbon fiber monocoque construction.

The picture below, taken by the race committee, shows me accelerating away from the Mohican, just after the start.

Full disclosure: He blew by me, seconds after this picture was taken, and finished 27 minutes ahead in a 7.8 mile race. There were only two boats in the long kayak class.

GPS track and photos on Wikiloc:

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