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Adventures in Open Water in Small Boats

Announce: Welcome to the Trips Forum

Welcome to the Reconstituted Trips Forum

The Kayak Trips bulletin board is a place to exchange information about your favorite places to paddle and your favorite kayak trips. If you have a question about where to paddle in a particular area such as "What is a good put-in spot on Cape Cod?", post it here. If you recently had a really nice paddle out of Seattle, let us know. If you are planning an expedition somewhere and want a partner, look here. The main focus will be on sea kayak trips, but small boaters of all stripes are welcome. If you can carry your boat to a launch this forum is for you.

On an historical note, this forum used to run here for years, but due to administrative issues I let it die for a while. With the installation of a new script, administration should be easier and I've decided to bring this and some of the other forums back to life.