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Thank you so much, Nick
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I have really missed this forum and I am thrilled to have it back. I really love sharing my kayaking stories here. When you shut down this forum I actually stopped writing my kayaking stories for the most part but now I can get back into it. I am currently working hard on my book so I will post little tidbits of the story from time to time. Also, I am going out on the river this Wednesday because I NEED to get out. Weather report says -17 C, river has an unusually clear stretch of open water so I will get up with Linda and expect to be on the water at 0800h. This should give morning commuters something to gawk at. I think I will tease CBC Radio a little and phone in an ice report for anyone who is on the river or thinking of heading out for a paddle. I know of only one guy in Edmonton who is still thinking it is paddling season and HE might be interested in knowing where to launch.

Robert N Pruden

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Old Trip Reports are back
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Thank you so much, Nick