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So where will you paddle come Spring?

Ok, there are the kayaking polar bears who will robustly paddle even in February's harshest weather but alas Im not that kind. I've pretty much dry docked my kayak for a full sanding and repaint and other warm workshop activities. That's not to say though I have no Spring-Summer-Fall plans. So herewith I thought Id post my list of wanna-doos...

1. Cross open water Long Island sound already. It's anywhere from 8 to over 15 miles one way depending where you go and I want the isolation and seclusion of hours on a wide open expanse of salt water. There will be shipping traffic and the usual smaller craft and that's fine. I just want to lose myself in a middle-of-no-where-crossing. The quiet monotony of a flat calm luck willing would be cathartic.

2. Monomoy Island already. So many folks have paddled this dune filled protected island(s) but I haven't. I want to navigate the shallows and ply along the sandy shores and even peak around the corner of the southern east coast side to see a potentially huge seal population.

3. My kayaking has always been about tidy day trips. I want to camp out and enjoy the removed peace and solitude of itall and the independence and sense of accomplishment that comes with it. Astronomy is a lifetime pursuit of mine so Id bring my smallest scope, a 70mm refractor , and take in wide swaths of a star studded Milky Way saturated with star clusters and some nebula here and there.

4. My daughter doesn't know it but locked in the room next to her bedroom is a ten foot rec single that she'll be accompanying Dad with to places she never knew existed off of Connecticut. My wife has one two but she's already seen her Xmas gift and so it won't be the surprise it will be for my daughter. I had to promise her that the others gifts for Xmas wouldn't be a paddle, flotation, compass and map.

So that's my short list. I could draft up a good thirty wanna-doos but there's a job after all. Lol two actually.

Hope all have been well.


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