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Re: So where will you paddle come Spring?

I would love to paddle Hudson Bay in northern Canada this spring but that ain't gonna happen. All I have are local lakes (still frozen until mid-April or later) and the river (possibly open as early as late March/early April). I will be on the river. Problem with spring time is that sometimes hockey sized ice floes can float downstream, blocking the entire upstream course. That happened to me a few years back. Needless to say, i did consider running the kayak over it but I did not have my screw drivers with me that day, otherwise I would have. Problem with that idea is that by the time I made it all the way across the ice, I would have been swept at least a mile downstream of where I put in. Sigh! I do get good pictures during spring break up. I have already hinted to Linda that once my book is done, I am kinda sorta thinking of heading to northern Manitoba to carry on with my kayak trip. I want to go from Norway House to Hudson Bay, then flip a coin to decide which way I go from there, north or south. Linda is softening to the idea, a couple more years and I know I will be doing that trip. Also, I will have the $$$ to do the trip by then. hehe!

Robert N Pruden

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So where will you paddle come Spring?
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