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I'm actually getting a GOPRO my wife for Xmas but Im not supposed to rest comfortable with that knowledge lest it isn't a morning surprise. Following that I've got to either make or buy a little stand for it that mounts to my kayak. I will say though, my iPhone can take some SHARP vids and frankly it's all I need but the nice thing about the dedicated cam is it doesn't wear downy phones needed battery life! The IPod I bout a year and a half ago is great too tho the new iPhone 5 has substantially higher res.
The other thing with the GOPRO is the waterproof housing. I gotta be honest and mention when I sailed my kayak and shot iPod vids it was at the risk of damaging it as I had no waterproofing but with outriggers and light air it was relatively safe. This coming season I want to shoot lots of vids - post editing, a little soundtrack and some narrating subtitles etc - should be fun.

Ill tell you Rob your a determined kayaker. Hockey rink sized sheets of ice and then losing ground - lol - or water to it arrrgghhh. That's where Id wimp out, put on some java and put energy I to a winter build of some sort.