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Re: Icy cold river trip today
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Well, Pete, I am about to cut up my VISA card so I stopped by their shop to use up my reward points. I found that they had this littl video camera that supposedly can do up to 3-hrs of video, so I ordered one. The ad suggested that it was great for doing sports vids...didn't say anything about water but hey, what is one more camera at risk with me. Since I generally do not tip over, I figure on mounting this one on a headband and doing some nice cold paddling. I will post that on Youtube then you can sit in front of your comp all nice and warmed by a hot toddy and enjoy whatever I manage to post. I would totally love to do a vid of running the river up in the mountains. I might make that a summer project. The white water there is big and soft (no rocks to worry about).

Robert N Pruden