Yukon Footboard question?

Submitted byPaulnDet onThu, 11/11/2021 - 08:16

Ralph Merriman asked a question about a month ago about a Yukon rudder footboard. I just saw this but could not respond to the message and not sure why.

  My answer: I used the footboard that Stellar Kayaks sells and uses on their skis. Sorry, but forget the brand. It is composite plastic but very strong and well made. It is hard to adjust under the deck of the Yukon but once set it is fine. I had to mount special wood rails to the hull insides to accept the system. Add the wood rails and set up the rudder prior to joining the deck for an easier time. I had to cut down the outer corners on the footboard to fit under the deck. There was no compromise or  concerns with the cutting of the corners of the footboard.  Get the line they sell that does not stretch. 

  I can answer more about this but it may be a moot issue. 

I'll watch and see if he responds soon.  lol