I was looking back in time this evening...this is what I found...

Submitted byPruden17 onTue, 08/18/2020 - 00:23


I read the entire thread, took me back 9 years to the olden days when the Forum was home to many many epoxy vapour inhaling, saw dust snorting, sunburnt, and water soaked kayak building addicts. I always meant to carry on awarding the dookey schmutz award but divorce got in the way (soft sensitive music begins playing in the background), job loss occurred, and...and...I forgot about it (soft background music stops suddenly). Recently I began thinking that it was time to revive the award and get it going where it should be going...to well deserved contributors to this Forum, wherever they live in the world. Nick still has the award...I think it's got a lot of dust on it now, it's been 9-years since he got it, this just increases the cherished value of this award.  If you read through the link, Nick posted a picture of the award and the image still comes up like it was just posted two days ago. Nick and I have agreed that it needs to move on, so it will and Nick is mailing it out shortly. A new name plate will be added to the trophy and the winner's name engraved on it. When I first issued the award, I paid someone to engrave Nick's name on it. This second award will be even more special as Nick plans to use his own CNC skills to engrave a plate himself. 

To the recipient of the second novennial Dookey Schmutz is requested to post an image of the award and explain the rest of the story...how they got addicted to boat building/wood working/paddling/the Forum. 

...and to clarify...I am NOT gunna bother to try to remember to put this award out every 9 years...it's way easier to do it every year, and besides, I'm actually getting up there in years. Hmm, I was just a 40-year old spring chicken when I first started lurking at the original Builder's Forum, that would have been just one year after Nick first started the web site. I came out of the closet during 2001, that is when I started building my first kayak. Where have the years gone (I know where the wives have gone ;) ). Anyway, I will keep track of where the thing goes and work with the current holder to get it prepped and sent out to the next winner.

Robert N Pruden


Great to hear that the award lives on, however posting an image of it in it's new home is going to be difficult if Nick doesn't fix the problem with the forum.....

My web host shut down almost all my sites earlier this week because of unknown malware issues infecting the site. I had to delete a lot of old, unused stuff. I am trying hard to update the software that runs this forum but something is bolloxing it up. We'll see what happens.