KBBS Update - Closing Down

Submitted byadmin onSun, 01/23/2022 - 19:59

I'm Shutting it down

Unfortunately the Kayak Building Bulletin Board is not what it used to be. As Brian has pointed out it got filled with spam. Traffic has been so light otherwise that I have decided it is not worth keeping the forum active. However, I will keep the data available. No new posts or comments will be allowed.

In the process of cleaning up the spam, I have deleted a lot of users and their posts. I tried to be selective in how I did this to only eliminate spam. However, you and your post may have gotten caught in the crossfire. I apologize if I have deleted you and/or your post.  If I deleted your comments, they are gone, the bits have been recycled. Again, I apologize.

I will keep the existing posts up on this site for as long as I can. I think there is a lot of good information here. My thanks to everyone who has participated over the years. 

Thanks, Nick

I hate to say it but if you want support, the best source is on FaceBook: