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Help with Using the KayakForum

Including links to other pages

You may include links to other pages by just including the URL of the page in the body of your text. Be sure to include the "http://" and the URL will usually end with ".html" or ".htm".

Including Pictures with the Messages

You may include images in your posts by uploading pictures from your computer to the forum. As a registered user you will see the option to upload pictures just above the message box when you go to post a message. Click the button, locate your image on your harddrive and upload it. The message box will automatically include the link text require to show the image in line in your message. You can upload several images. The size of the images is limited. If you want to include a bigger image using the Optional Image URL described below.

You may include pictures with your messages by including the address of the picture in the field where it says "Optional Image URL:". Note that only certain kinds of files will work here. The file needs to be a graphic file recognized by the browser. These are usually either "Jpeg" or "Gif" files and should end with ".jpeg", ".jpg", or ".gif". If you are uncertain use the "Preview Message" button to check before you post it. There are several other graphics formats which may work, but test to make sure.

The most common mistake is to attempt to link to the page which contains a picture instead of linking to the picture itself. This will not work right. If what you want to include contains a lot of text and stuff other than just the picture, you need to get the address of just the picture. To do this find the picture you want and right click on it (Mac users - click and hold). You should get a menu including something to the effect of "Open Image in New Window". Selecting this will give you a new window with just the picture in it. Go to the address bar of your browser which shows the current address of what you are looking at. Copy the contents of the address bar and paste it into the "Optional Image URL:" field in the message posting window.

If you are having trouble, try using the "Optional Link URL:" to provide a link to your picture instead. This should be less touchy. The picture won't appear on the message but at least people should be able to get to it fairly easily.

Viewer Profiles

You can create a "viewer profile" to tell people a little bit about yourself. Essentially this is your own personal web page associated with the forum. It can contain just about anything you wish to include. An added feature is you can include a picture even if you don't have a website of your own. When you post new messages your name will be highlighted and people will be able to go directly to your profile.

Creating Your Profile

Click on "Create a Profile" in the navigation bar near the top of the index page. If your name and email address is not already filled out, please do so. Include anything you want to say in the "User Profile:" field. The information above for including Links and Pictures applies for the profile. When you are done filling out your info click on "Edit Your Profile".

Optional Graphic Upload

This uploaded graphic will be used as an avatar visible to other registered users. If you don't have a web site and you want to include a picture you will need a picture available on your home computer. Click on the "Browse..." button. You will get a dialog box to find the file on your own computer. When you find it, click open. You will be returned to the User Profile page and you should see the name of the file you selected in the "Optional Graphic Upload" field. Again, the file type of the graphics file must be either Jpeg or Gif so the extension must include ".jpg", ".jpeg", or ".gif". If it doesn't it won't work right. When you click "Edit Your Profile" the graphics file will be copied to the forum server.


You must enter a password. This makes it so other people can not change your profile but you can.

Changing/Deleting your Profile

You can change or delete your profile at any time by selecting "Edit Your Profile" from the navigation bar.

Important General Tip

Never assume that your message will look the way you expect it to look! Previewing your message before you post it is always a good idea, anyway, but is even more important if you're using the above codes, since if you mis-type something, the message won't look the way you expect it to look!