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After 21 years, the Kayak Forum has moved to a new BBS System

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The KayakForum started in 1997 as a place to discuss my interests in sea kayaks, kayaking, designing and building kayaks. Since then it has grown into a world wide community of interesting people with varied backgrounds who share an love of using and making all kinds of small boats.


While the name is still the KayakForum the subjects of discussion are not limited to kayaks. The material discussed here will be useful for anyone who likes to design, build and or use any kind of small boat. Topics include small boat design, building lightweight car-toppable boats, techniques for kayaking and using human-powered small boats safely, and going places in small boats.

Please join this community of boating enthusiast and share your love of kayaks, canoes, row boats both in the making and using.

-- Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks

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