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Re: Strip: How to Make This Finish? *PIC*

I've come across WRC with pink, yellow, dark brown, light brown, cream, and various shades of olive, but noting tapered in the length of the board.

It is definitely out there. In fact it is a rare board that is perfectly uniform down its length and across its width.

In the video below, I'm picking through the stacks at Liberty Cedar in RI. I found two sequential boards with quite a bit of variation. I'm not exactly sure how I will use them, but they have a lot of potential.

While I used to do a lot of graphic patterns in the stripping, I eventually decided I liked it better when I just let the wood speak for itself without bothering with a complex pattern. Maybe a few accents strips to highlight the boat shape.

Some nice boards with some interesting grain can make a striking design without a lot of fuss.