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Re: S&G: Counsel About Varnish
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Thought to post the solution that worked for me:

ISSUE #1 - Trying to varnish the boat's circumference, section by section, in one go.
SOLUTION - Don't do this. Way better, I found, to tape off at the shear and varnish hull first, then deck.

ISSUE #2 - Use of box store foam brushes
SOLUTION - Don't use them. After trying rollers, badger hair brushes, and the aforementioned cheapy foam brushes, I brought in a box of 'nice' foam brushes. They hold less varnish (i.e. took longer to get to a point where they held too much) and their stiffness helps to achieve even application / tipping.

ISSUE #3 - Moving so slowly as to get permanent brush marks
SOLUTION - Build more boats, more frequently :) And also, see issues #1 and #2.

Thanks all for the input and feedback.

P.S. You can see the final result here (sorry, don't have any pics posted that I can share directly in the post):