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Skin-on-Frame: Corey's goop questions

Hi all,

I'm finishing up a canoe (I know it's not a kayak!) that I've had lurking in my basement for 2 1/2 years. My wife is quite glad the frame is out of the basement finally!

On my kayaks I have used spar varnish or an elstomeric called Jaxsan 600 to seal the nylon. For my canoe I'm considering Corey's goop for the durability, and what seems to be a one day job to seal it (admittedly a busy, and long day fraught with watching drips and runs apparently).

Since a canoe doesn't have a deck any drips and runs will get on the gun whales. Any advice to stop that from happening? While I'm at it, any advice to keep the gun whales from getting glued to the saw horses where they touch?

If I apply the goop clear will it yellow over time, or does it stay clear regardless of age?

If I use rare earth dyes for color will they fully saturate the nylon, and color the inside and outside of the fabric? On a kayak I'm not too worried about this. On a canoe the interior is pretty darn visible.



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Skin-on-Frame: Corey's goop questions
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