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Two questions: I have an old CLC North Bay whose cockpit is so small I can barely get into the boat. On the inside edge of the coaming, at 10 and 2, are those rounded "hips" that keep me from getting both legs in at once. Is there any good reason not to grind those down so that the coaming is even all the way around?

Cutting down the 'thigh hooks' might help; I don't think they are needed with that small 'Ocean' cockpit as your legs will be tucked under the deck.
If you are interested in DIY work, changing the cockpit to a larger type wouldn't be a very difficult job. The bigger cockpit would not be a good idea if you are planning to use the NorthBay as a 'rolling boat', though.
I read that the plans have several cockpit choices; you could probably get help about the dimensions and shapes if you contact CLC.
Online comments about the North Bay frequently mention the small cockpit, from what I saw in a quick search.

Posting some pictures here (you need to set up a 'Profile') would help to illustrate the cockpit situation.

Also, does anyone sell a metal protective cap that fits over the tip of the bow?

:-) What are you planning to do with that kayak?

Seriously, some folks with pointy Greenland-style boats put 'ball ends' on them - more to prevent impaling fellow paddlers than to protect the boat.

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