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Re: Strip: Foam Hybrid Discussion - successfully d

I planning in the future to try to make a stitch and glue kayak from extruded polystiren foam, maybe the shrike model.

So the future became the past...

I made a stitch and glue sectional kayak (Shrike) from polystiren foam. Some scrambled photos from the build and the almost finished kayak:

I made maroske fittings from copper plumbing. I guess the easiest maroske fittings.

17,5 kg without paint and skeg.

Easy to build. No stitch, only glue with glue gun. I think one can make the kayak in 60 hours. For me it took a little more for making the sectional fittings, maybe 80 hours.

Polystiren of 10 milimeters thick.

I order clothes of 300 grams per square meter, but was not the same like 3 years ago. It is enough 1 layer of clothes inside and outside and a strip on the buttom.

I still thinking of making or not a skeg. I rounded the chines because I like it that way and I could do it.

The kayak is great. I found out what means primary stability. It turns on a dime.

I think polystiren is a choice for a fast build, for builders not very skillful. It is much easier to make a stitch and glue than a strip plank kayak from extruded polystiren. Of course you need clothes heavier. And you don't worry about scratches that will affect the wood.

I hope you can see the photos.