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Re: Seeking: Advice for seat mods and toggle handl

How do you do an end pour? It's a looooooong way from the cockpit opening to the tip of the bow and stern, how do you pour resin in there without making a huge mess?

Ah- no hatches or bulkheads in your Borealis? Did it come with flotation bags?

I once used a paper cup rigged like a little bucket with a lowering line attached. A 'trip line' (string taped to the bottom) allowed me to dump the contents of the cup once I'd lowered it into the boat.
Having a deck or an upstairs window conveniently located helps to get the boat 'on end' though you may not need to get the boat vertical depending on the shape of the bow and stern.
If you are doing a sizeable end pour into a wood boat, I'd advise doing it in stages. A big lump of epoxy will overheat as it cures. With a glass boat, you can set the end in a bucket of cold water, but woodinsulates enough that the heat from the curing resin won't transfer through the hull into the bucket of my experience. :-(