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Re: Strip: Name me a basic set of sharpening stone

Did you intend to put a link in your post?

Regardless, I've been using water stones for several years and I really like the results I get with them. Norton sells a set of double-sided stones (220/1000 and 400/800) that work great. Combined with a Veritas honing guide, I get precise, mirror-polished edges on my tools.

- I do use a bench grinder for restoring old, damaged blades and roughing-in the angle.
- I have some coarse diamond hones that I also use for damaged blades.
- I've tried some power sharpening systems from Makita, Delta and Worksharp and while they all work and can produce a decent edge pretty quickly, I still like the water stones better, at least for final honing.
- I've also tried sandpaper on glass or granite and it produces a good edge, but it doesn't equal what I get from water stones, so I end up using the stones for final honing.

I've gotten some killer deals on the power equipment at yard sales, estate sales and Craigslist, so if you need or want that type of gear, keep an eye on those venues.