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Launching: Carbon Kevlar Mariner Max *PIC*

Here are a few pics of my latest project - a carbon/Kevlar Mariner Max.
The original owner was Bob Perry, the yacht designer. It hadn't seen much use as the hull only showed a few very light scratches and buffed up to 'like new' condition.
The boat had been left out in the sun for a good long time - it takes quite a while to fade gelcoat here (WA/BC) where the sun doesn't get very direct.
The first pics show the deck and a spot I rubbed out to show that it's possible to 'renew' sad gelcoat.

I was adding a forward hatch and bulkhead, so the deck got painted anyway.
Lake Placid Blue - same as the Fender guitars and the 50s Eldorado...

On this build I tried something I read in Doug Alderson's book:"Savvy Paddler-More than 500 Tips for Better Kayaking".
The foredeck recesses are made with PVC pipe caps and SS rod. Under the deck they are covered with thickened epoxy and a layer of glass.

I've switched to keeping my spare paddle on the rear deck in a Nigel Foster style DIY paddle bag - more accessible than the long reach on to the foredeck, and out of the way. There's no problem getting over the bag during a cowboy re-entry.

That carbon Max came to me via the second owner, who I met in Port Angeles,WA. A couple of weeks later, a friend pointed me toward a For Sale ad in Vancouver...just "Sea Kayak" and a picture. It was a Mariner Express, carbon Kevlar in the same colours as the Max I'd just bought. When I brought it home (another 'keeper' for me, so I'm selling the Max and Express I had here as 'my' boats..) and contacted Matt Broze with the serial number, it turned out that it was originally owned by Bob Perry's wife - those two kayaks - the Max and Express, were built and sold at the same times. 'All roads lead to Rome' or in my case and Mariners, to my back yard!
It's in my shop right now, getting hatches and bulkheads.

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