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Re: Strip: Drinking water access

Very true points. Perhaps they What I see people doing is pulling the tube up once at the start of the paddle and sticking the bite valve under a bungee (or clipping it to their PFD). I was just showing an implementation of what the original poster was asking for. I mostly see it as a leak source and a PITA.

I would never install one. I started paddling I just threw a Camelbak behind my seat and popped the front of the skirt when I wanted a sip. Now I just use a cheap water bottle that I store in my forward day hatch.

BTW: For hiking we use bladders made by Source. The end opens completely so they're easy to fill and clean. The bite valve closes tight and has a secondary lock for fewer drips. They're also pretty cheap (about $30 for the 3 liter version).