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Re: Strip: Drinking water access

Having all that stuff on your foredeck may be handy, but you'll regret it the first time you get hit by a big wave. What occurs is often referred to as a "yard sale". It can be a real headache in a rescue situation, too.

I didn't see much that was unusual in that picture of the foredeck (though it seemed the sprayskirt wasn't attached when the pic was snapped).
Obviously it's not the setup I'd use for going out to play in the surf a few hundred meters from the beach, but for 'touring' it seemed like a reasonable setup:
Throw bag clipped into the deck lines.
Pump under the bungees - an underdeck pump isn't useful if you are helping to pump out another kayak; the last thing you want to do in rough conditions is pop your sprayskirt to get a pump stored underdeck.
Chart in chart case (clipped into deck lines).
In my group a 'yard sale' usually refers to the result when a paddler bails out of the boat and a lot of stuff that was underdeck floats away - the sponge tucked behind the seat, the water bottle between the legs, the extra hat stuffed beside the seat,etc.. and if items underdeck are tethered,you have to be very careful that the tethers can't cause entanglement if you need to do a wet exit.

If you have waves breaking across the deck when touring or day-paddling (not surfing or playing around rocks in swell), you are 'in the wrong place at the wrong time" (or in a bad boat); it doesn't happen very often in my group.

But, there are lots of options for boat setup! :-)

(Don't forget that many folks here prefer to paddle without deck lines!)