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Re: Tools: Measuring kayak (Ticking stick method)
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Well, first off, remember to respect copyright.

I've done something like this by adapting the method of "ticking sticks" which a friend who builds sailboats uses to transcribe inside hull surfaces for fitting interior carpentry. The method is explained in the article at:

The adaptation uses the method to transcribe the curve of the hull and deck surface at each station:

1) Mount a set of U-shaped cradles to a strongback where the stations will go. The vertical height of each U-shaped cradle needs to be sufficient to project several inches above the height of the deck.

2) Place the boat in the cradle, then using the ticking stick, draw reference lines on each form and on the ticking stick to mark the position of the hull and deck along one side of the boat.

3) Disassemble the cradles, place each one on a sheet of paper (graph paper is ideal) and transcribe the points defined by the marks on the cradle and ticking stick to the paper.

4) Draw a smooth curve to connect the dots, and you have the shape of the deck and hull at that station, with rocker established relative to the strongback.