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Epoxy: Tinting

I'm thinking of using tinted epoxy for the interior of a strip build (exterior will be finished bright) instead of paint. I want the color for aesthetic reasons and have found that paint just isn't durable enough for this application.
I'm not planning to use it to wet out the glass (seems like it could complicate confirmation of wetout, and I've read that pigment weakens the epoxy somewhat) so that would just leave a fill coat.
Anyone have experience with a particular brand of pigment and who can speak to its opacity? Is it possible to add enough pigment (without degrading the epoxy) to create an opaque finish with just a fill coat? If not, a somewhat translucent wash of color could be appealing, but a less-than-perfectly-even fill coat (no vacuum bag layups here!) sounds like it'd result in splotchy color. (I tried tinting "goop" on a SOF kayak build and the color was disappointingly uneven.) I like using a single fill coat to retain a bit of traction in the cockpit, but would forego it if a second coat is necessary to even out the color.
I've heard of fiberglass cloth that comes pre-dyed- that sounds like a simpler means to the same end- but haven't seen it for sale.