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Strip: Newbie question re: strongback alignment

Hi All

Before I get to my question here's a 5 second set up. I'm building the Guillemot L from purchased plans and have finished stripping the hull. I'm starting the plane/sand phase which should keep me occupied for a while. So far no biggie.

I went to great lengths (probably too much) to make sure the strongback was true (horizontally and vertically) and form markings were aligned before starting to strip the hull. With that in mind how necessary (or doable) is all that alignment effort when I flip this monster over. And here's why I ask.... when I started lifting this from either end (in anticipation of the flip) I noticed more than a minimal amount of flex vertically (if that makes sense). Left to right it seemed solid enough but when i flip this and lay it out on the carpet-rungs how important is the vertical side of things and how do I account for that.

Appreciate the patience and suggestions with probable old questions to the craft.