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Re: Strip: Varnish - Gloss or Satin?

Perhaps that's a good argument for always adding full perimeter deck lines to our kayaks?

Even unwaxed kayaks are slippery when wet.

What assumptions are the usefulness of perimeter deck lines is based on?

That the person doing a wet-exit will be close enough to their boat to grab it in the wind and waves that caused the capsize?

Or that there will be some other more skilled paddler who will come to the rescue and be able to chase and return the kayak without compromising their safety?

I don't like either of those ideas. Perhaps I'm missing the point.

In whitewater we learned to roll, or at least, if you came out of your boat, one hand never let go the paddle and the other hand never let go the cockpit coaming. So you don't see perimeter lines on WW boats. And there weren't any on indigenous kayaks.

Playing on water is dangerous. Nothing replaces learning and practicing self rescue skills in controlled situations and developing the personal judgment to assess your skills for conditions.

Most often I paddle alone.

I've been it in situations where a club trip of one level got hijacked by a few more advanced paddlers as conditions changed, putting less skilled paddlers at risk and out of their skill/comfort zone. This is a problem unless you always paddle with a small group familiar with each others skills. In the few clubs I've joined, it was implicit that each person was responsible for their own safety because of legal issues.

Group dynamics make it easy to get in over your head, thinking your safe in conditions you'd not do alone.

Like a school of fish that feel safe in their numbers. Just don't drift to the outer edge when a barracuda shows up.

Many people never realize just how close to the edge they come.

Good judgement comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgement.