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Re: Other: Rank Your Top 5 Kayak Design Characteri

Speed: Point A -> Point B asap, and be the first to arrive.

Toughness: One of my boats is a CLC 16 for which I used woven roving instead of cloth (accidentially) ended up quite heavy but now that its been used as a club boat I can really not give a **** when I see kids ramming it jaja. Same with normal build boats, I dropped once my double on the street (shoulder height) and really liked the fact that it was nothing 0 ZERO.

Design shape: While I dont mean the aesthetics of the boat because that depends on paint, strips and that but I mean imagining the boat painted all one solid color how would it look, the shape the lines, etc, for example, while only the fact that its a stripper make my k1 look nicer, if it were painted, I would like better how the double looks

Weight, I dont get so carried away with LIGHTWEIGHT being a priority, sure, cartopping the 23lb k1 feels nice but then again, I cartopped my CLC Fast Double that god knows how much it weighs (VERY LIBERAL BUILD ON THAT ONE) so cartopping is no issue and when paddling I believe weight unless you're going for cream of the crop like performance (aka impossibly fast) is not an issue to be worried about.

Stability: while when paddling I dont feel the particular "instability" of some tippier boats I do like taking the occasional 5 minute nap on the boat wich on the more stable boats means just slotthing around, on the real tipsy ones if I stop to rest I instantly feel unsafe.

Bonus hate round:

VOLUME: my cargo = a spare paddle if i feel its a bad day, and a granola bar jeje