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Re: Strip: Gaps inside hull
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If I want to leave the wood bright, I assume I need to fill the gaps before glassing. Any suggestions on what I should do?

If you just fill the gaps with epoxy, I think the result will look OK once you've glassed the inside of the hull.
You'll be the only person who will ever notice, IMO.

It would be difficult to use tinted epoxy to fill the gaps without staining the adjacent strips, unless you are very meticulous - using a syringe and doing a lot of clean-up sanding.

It's possible to use black-tinted epoxy when you are glassing, but it makes it a lot more difficult to see how well the glass has wetted out. It is much cheaper than using carbon fiber cloth, though. CF cloth is also heavier than 4 or 6 oz glass, once the weight of epoxy required for hand layup is considered.