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Re: USFS Wood difiance *PIC*
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A year later she arrives at the Newfound gathering and I was flattered since she drove many states to get there. Not only was the boat beautiful but weighed 46 lbs. 1/4" strips. So go figure. Every chart would say 70% heaver than cedar. Granted there's many types of mahogany but still. It looked like S. American and not African but not that cheap grainy stuff.

I'm not surprised it was that light. Honduran mahogany IS about 70% heavier (37 pcf versus 27 pcf for cedar). It's not THAT heavy compared to maple or birch. It's about the same as black cherry (35 pcf).

Your average, finished 17' strip sea kayak will be comprised of about 0.85 CF of wood (based on an old strip calculator I made). So, yeah, using hardwoods like mahogany or cherry should add about 8.5 lbs to a build. If she built it out of cedar it would have been about 38 lbs which is awesome for a new builder and 1/4" strips. She did a great job.

Here's another great source for information on woodworking woods:

The Njord I built in 2008 was entirely out of hardwoods also (mostly mahogany with some cherry and curly maple. Using 3/16" strips it weighed in at 42 lbs (fully outfitted).