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Re: Strip: deck fitting
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John, Olli provided the link.
Olli, good advice except for the fact there will be at least 3 fittings in each end that are no longer accessible from the backside.
This is my wife's 'temporary' Petrel - until I can build another one. This is the one with the "milky hull finish" from another thread.
I am not crazy about protrusions above the deck but I am running out of options. I have seen many boats here with custom built deck fittings and I am thinking that may be what I have to do and just epoxy them to the deck.

As far as the test I did on sanding epoxy to early - I let one panel set for 24 hrs. then sanded it. It does not look bad. I am letting the other panel set until Saturday before sanding. Then I will epoxy both and see what happens

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