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Re: Strip: deck fitting
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The more I think about using bolts/screws as hardware for deck fittings the less I like the idea. They may have been OK if installed when I had access to the underside so I could have installed a backup chunk of wood then glassed over them but just through 1/4" cedar is not going to work.

Machine screws (bolts) with washers and nylock nuts are extremely solid when put through wood-core composite or fiberglass composite decks. If you are concerned, use larger (fender style) washers or make up some big washers from aluminum sheet or fiberglass sheet.

(here I go again....)

Deck lines are there for safety - there's no point in choosing 'decorative' over strong.
You build aircraft - you understand this!!

BTW, the deck lines don't have to follow the sheer line exactly - you may be able to get away with fewer fittings than you think.