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Re: Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy

Hello Klaas. Last year I built a 90% Frej for my flea-weight (52kg) wife. I scaled all dimensions down to 90% of design to better fit her small size. It is a wonderful little boat and she loves it. Fast, stable and very maneuverable. At 70kg/1.7m, her boat is a tight fit for me.

I have not seen a 100% version, but my perception is that it is pretty low volume. If you are touring, you will have to pack small. I believe that John Abercrombie built one and he can probably help answer that question.

Instead of just lengthening the Frej, you may consider increasing all dimensions by 10%. In theory, this would increase the volume by 30%.

As other have said, Contact Bjorn directly. He replies to questions within a day or two.