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Re: Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy

You get used to sitting on the back deck of an ocean cockpit so getting in and out really isn't an issue once you get used to it if that's the size you choose to build. No more difficult than putting on or taking off a pair of pants.

Bill H.

:-) Though I don't usually do it that way, I actually find it awkward to put on my pants while sitting on the floor!
Back to kayaking:
It's easy enough to test.
Sit on the back deck with your feet inside the cockpit.
Go paddling in some waves and wind.
If you are comfortable and feel stable, then probably you will be fine doing scramble (cowboy) entries in a small cockpit boat.
Then, borrow a small cockpit boat and record the time it takes you to hop into and out of the boat - good practice for landing and launching on beaches with waves. Compare to the time taken with a large cockpit boat. And, do you have to use your paddle behind you on the deck to stabilize your entry and exit?