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In Response To: Strip: STRIP BUILT KAYAK DECK ()

I dont have the boat on the stable strong back on which i could use it to bungee up everything.

So I basiclly gave up because im not willing to spend 3 weeks fighting de strip to put the damn deck when the hull (which is completly round, so the biggest limiting factor right now is that I dont have a decent base to work on) took only 1 week.

Not quite sure by the write-up whats happening. If you made a rounded hull, it seems you can make a rounded deck. Are there deck forms but you're having trouble with the bends and its no longer on the strong back?

Normally by now, you would be getting "expert" advice from a lot of people but I think the actual problem is unclear as well as your proposed solution.

I just know that a little up front work yields a tremendous amount of time saving in the later stages.