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currently building a K1 its my first strip build

What design is the K1?

the hull came out nice and fast

Yes, the hull is always easier than the deck, in my experience.

I already flipped it and stuff.

You need to be a bit more explicit - are you using an 'internal' or 'external' strongback?
Have you done any glassing?

I started stripping the deck but its curvature and rolling bevel was making this way harder

Yes, depending on the design, the deck can be a lot more challenging than the hull. Some of the popular designs for DIY builders have quite 'smooth' deck shapes that are easier to build.

I dont have the boat on the stable strong back on which i could use it to bungee up everything.

If you want to keep using that style of strip clamping, then make some cradles and attach your hull to the strongback. Or, as suggested, use a different style of building (tape, staples, hot glue, etc...).

My plan right now is to glue a bunch of strips in a rectangle, with the accent strip and everything and just do like I did my 2 stitch and glue boat, bend it

Well, if the strips aren't glassed, the panel will bend but I think you will find strip joints breaking, and possibly strips cracking. If the panel is glassed, it won't want to bend easily.

is there any hope of success?

Well, try it with a trial panel and find out! Thousands of strip kayaks have been assembled successfully using 'accepted' techniques; if you don't want to go in that direction you will develop new ideas which you can share here.